Luzion Protocol
Fair-Launch Sale
The Fair-Launch for Luzion Protocol on PinkSale will start on April 12th, 2PM UTC Time till the 20th April, 2PM UTC. PancakeSwap launch will be 15 minutes after fair-launch ends.
We will using Fair-Launch system where everyone will be able to acquire LZN tokens in an equal distribution via the PinkSale platform.
Fair Launch - There is no whitelisting required. Everybody will have an equal chance to buy Luzion Protocol tokens on PinkSale at release time. Once our SoftCap is reached, there will be no turning back or cancelling the fair-launch, Luzion Protocol would be 100% listed on PancakeSwap. There would be no HardCap or minimum buy / maximum buy, everyone would be able to contribute as many BNB as they wish.
PancakeSwap Listing - After initial Fair-Launch has completed, the team will finalized the presale and amend the smart contract to start auto-rebase and aut-liquidity and get Luzion Protocol / BNB liquidity pair within 15 minutes.
Fair-Launch funds will be used to create the PancakeSwap Luzion Protocol / BNB liquidity pair. This liquidity will be locked for 13 years via trusted PinkLock.
Luzion Protocol Token Info: Token Name - Luzion Protocol Token Symbol - LZN Token Decimals - 5 Luzion Protocol Token Distribution:
Initial Supply - 325,000 Max Supply - 3,500,000,000 Available to Purchase on PinkSale - 200,000 Tokens for Liquidity - 120,000
Softcap - 5 BNB PancakeSwap Launch:
PancakeSwap Launch Price - soon
Initial Market Cap (Estimate) - soon
NO TEAM TOKENS - The Team will NOT hold any tokens. The only tokens owned by the Treasury will be collected via accumulating trading fees. We are committed to the longevity of the project and thus the Luzion Protocol team cannot dump on you.
HARDCODED TAX - All buy and sell taxes are hardcoded to the smart contract itself, there would be no way for the owner of the smart contract to ever adjust the tax fee manually. This ensures the tax to perpetually maintained at this rate and impossible to alter forever.
NO TRADING PAUSE - Smart contract does not contain any functions that would limit holders to buy or sell anytime as they wish, we believe that holders investment are to do as they wish and no one should have control over them except for the wallet owner itself.
NO EXTRA MINT OR HIDDEN TOKENS - The Luzion Protocol smart contract has NO ability to mint extra tokens nor can the supply be manually increased or used in an artificial way to change the initial supply by awarding ourselves free tokens. The initial supply is 325,000 tokens only (please see the breakdown above).
NO RUG PULL - Liquidity will be locked for 13 years via trusted PinkLock which cannot be touched or released early. (This means that you as a token holder will ALWAYS have the freedom to buy/sell whenever you like without restrictions or complications - your tokens that you buy are yours and remain in your wallet always and are never 'locked').
NO BOTS - All front run and sniper bots will be instantly blocked by the Luzion Protocol smart contract by the blacklist feature. Our smart contract cannot block normal wallets, only contracts ie bots.
COMMUNITY OWNED - Luzion Protocol was created by a team of 12 individuals with extensively high-end developers to perfect the smart contract codes for the community. Ownership will be renounce few hours after launch and only a certain part of the write function could be utilize by the founder/owner to ensure they could make certain changes only for example changing the router for PancakeSwap and such.
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