Luzion Protocol

What makes LZN better than others out there?

Here's a full list on why users should choose Luzion Protocol over other protocols out there.
To start off, the most crucial aspect of a protocol is security. By ensuring a proper security protocol, it needs to be coded in a way to ensure a safe and worry free investment.
Revoluzion team had went through tons of research, development and testing before deploying Luzion Protocol on the MainNet. This is to ensure a proper actual working protocol instead of rushing for the hype. Here are some keypoints on why Luzion Protocol is better ;-
  • Smart Contract - The entire smart contract was done by scratch, not a copy and paste style. Nizar, full stack developer lead and his team, when through hundreds of hours to ensure every part of the smart contract logic wise were perfected.
  • Dual Rewards - Fully functional dual rewards with automated staking system, where users would only require to hold their $LZN in their wallet and receive both LZN reflections and BUSD rewards fully automated. This helps control the chart by preventing holders to cash out since they been getting BUSD rewards as profits perpetually.
  • Fully automated Auto Rebasing - Luzion Protocol runs on a fully automated auto rebase constantly till max supply is achieve after 13 years plus. Users would not require to stake their tokens onto a smart contract which could cause exploits and open to vulnerabilities.
  • Functioning Rebase Rate - The rebase rate codes and logics that are fully functioning throughout the lifespan, unlike others, their rebase rate would not amend after 365 days which in turn keeps increasing the supply to max without control hence the mass reduction on token value overtime.
  • Fully Automated Burning Mechanism - Every transactions that occurs will automatically burn 2% of the transaction amount directly to the blackhole. Unlike others, many have them burned manually which can be manipulated and sold to the market hence not reducing the supply.
  • Black Hole Actual Burn Address - Many protocols out there have their "burn" address as a wallet and all burns are done manually. Where as, Luzion Protocol, burning mechanism are all fully automated and directly to an actual burn dead address itself (View here)
  • Lower Buy Tax Rate - Luzion Protocol for this moment have the lowest buy tax fee which in turn helps investors purchase at a much lower tax.
  • Fully Hardcoded Tax Fee Rate - Tax fee rate are hardcoded directly into the smart contract for full secured transactions always. This means, the team will never be able to adjust and manipulate the tax fees forever. Unlike many other protocols out there, which have variable tax fee rate and some even without limit which can be a huge concern.
  • Hardware Wallet Storage Vault - All treasury funds would be directly stored into a hardware wallet, this ensure a maximum security and safety of all treasury funds to prevent any exploitation or hacks to occur.
  • KYCed and Doxed - Entire Revoluzion team are fully doxed with socials etc, currently there are three projects in the Revoluzion ecosystem. Revoluzion team will constantly do Video AMAs, team short videos and more to display the progress constantly. Revoluzion team are constantly developing and updating daily, had been here from the start and will continue the journey perpetually.
  • Luzion Protocol Dividend Fund - As many projects out there have insurances fund wallet in case of an emergency, Luzion Protocol however, directly pay their insurances funding constantly which in turn provides a risk free investment stand point. We believe to not hold a such huge amount of sum by a single entity, instead, we believe to have the users insurances funds paid out constantly.