Luzion Protocol

LZN Utility Use Case

Luzion Protocol (LZN) token would utilize by our ecosystem game called Apocalypse. This ensures the token will continually sustain in perpetuity by having players to buy and sell. Players will be able to utilize LZN by staking their LZN during PVP and Battle Royale section, every single staking transaction will be tax as transfer tax but no tax during winning withdrawal. Players who creates the PVP room would be able to stake their desired amount of LZN when creating a PVP battle. For players who wish to join would have to stake the same equal amount of LZN that the player which created of PVP battle. Same will go for Battle Royale as well, however, Battle Royale would be an exact amount of LZN required to be stake (set by the system) instead of a player creating the Battle Royale with any amount they prefer. By having LZN utilize by Apocalypse PVP and Battle Royale, this ensures a good amount of volume with taxation to ensure constant automated burning and auto liquidity injected constantly. Ecosystem / Marketing wallet will also be filled for further development and use case in near future. As LZN are constantly rebasing, every LZN that gets into the PVP or Battle Royale smart contracts will eventually grow a little after each epoch and to counter that, all additional gonsfragment will sent directly to the burn address. This ensures a more stability on decreasing on the inflation rate while increasing the black hole supply overtime.