Luzion Protocol

Luzion Protocol Dividend Fund (LPDF)

The LPDF serves as an BUSD Reflection to achieve most profitable, stability and long term sustainability of the Luzion Protocol by maintaining a consistent 0.02355% rebase rate paid to all Luzion Protocol token holders.
This also ensures that holders not only receive more tokens in rewards, holders will also receive BUSD rewards directly into their wallets. This provides holders to use their BUSD rewards to trade or buy even more tokens without needing to sell their LZN tokens which in return helps maintain the chart overtime. The main purpose we provided this protocol is to ensure users are receiving their insurance investment right from the beginning itself instead of disrupt 'event' occurrence. Note : Dividend funds are paid hourly only if it hits 1 BUSD threshold and when there is a buy / sell txn to trigger the automation rewards to the holders. Each txn triggers 3-10 users to receive their rewards automatically.
NOTE : Dividend amount is accounted for the amount of token holdings. Each token will have a dividend per share accuracy factor based on the dividend amount with the total token circulating amount. EPDF Distributor Address : - 0xd77d1facaef1beae2ce8ac4cc25495460aaed0d2​