Luzion Protocol

Luzion Protocol Treasury Vault

The Treasury supports the LPDF in the event of an extreme price drop in the Luzion Protocol token or unforeseen black-swan event. It functions as additional financial support for the ASPAR and helps to establish a floor value for the Luzion Protocol token.
The Treasury also helps to stabilize the price rate by holding BNB, BUSD, and LZN tokens, which can be used to buy back and sell LZN to sustain its value and reduce volatility.
In addition to providing financial support, the Treasury may also be used to fund new Luzion Protocol products, services, and projects that will provide value to the community and support marketing efforts. This helps to expand and improve the Luzion Protocol ecosystem.

Luzion Protocol Treasury Vault Address

Users can access the relevant information to view all the transactions that take place within the treasury and marketing/ecosystem wallet. This allows users to track the activity within these wallets and ensure that the transactions are being conducted properly.