Luzion Protocol

Luzion Protocol Token

Luzion Protocol Token (LZN)

Luzion Protocol is a BEP-20 token that utilizes an algorithmic monetary policy to distribute passive interest payments to its holders on a regular basis. Specifically, holders of the token receive interest payments every 15 minutes and 1 hour in the form of BUSD Reflection over the course of 13.5 years, until the maximum supply of 3.25 billion tokens has been reached. This distribution model allows for a dynamic, self-sustaining ecosystem that incentivizes long-term holding of the LZN token.
Graph Showing the Relationship Between Token Value, Supply, and Inflation/Deflation

Sustaining the LZN Token Through Time: Strategies and Mechanics

During the first year of its launch, the LZN token is designed to undergo high levels of inflation through rebasing, providing an opportunity for users to acquire as many tokens as possible and increase their holdings. However, after the first year, the rebase rate will significantly decrease to 209.45% annual percentage yield (APY), a marked decrease from the initial rate of 383,125.80% APY. This decrease in the rebase rate will continue over time.
To counter the inflationary effects of rebasing, the LZN token implements a constant burn rate of 100% on all transactions. Specifically, 2% of the LZN tokens involved in each transaction are permanently destroyed and sent to a "dead address", rather than being directed to a wallet as is common with other rebase tokens. This constant burning of tokens serves to artificially reduce the overall supply of LZN, ensuring that the total supply will never reach the maximum of 3.25 billion tokens.

Transaction Tax Fees

Buy Transactions:

  • Trading fees: 12%
    • Ecosystem/Marketing: 2.0%
    • Auto-Liquidity: 2.0%
    • Black Hole: 2.0%
    • Treasury Vault: 2.0%
    • Luzion Protocol Dividend Funds: 4.0%

Sell Transactions:

  • Trading fees: 16%
    • Ecosystem/Marketing: 3.3%
    • Auto-Liquidity: 2.0%
    • Black Hole: 2.0%
    • Treasury Vault: 3.3%
    • Luzion Protocol Dividend Funds: 5.3%

Transfer Transactions:

  • Transfer fees: 0%
    • The implementation of 0% transfer fees for the LZN token allows for its seamless integration into the Apocalypse game for player versus player (PVP) contests, without incurring excessive taxation on transactions
Note: Slippage, which varies based on chart volatility and price impact, may be applied to the above fees at a rate of +1-2%.
The fees collected from buy and sell transactions are distributed as follows:
  • Ecosystem/Marketing: Funds from this wallet are used for marketing campaigns and digital advertising, as well as ecosystem development.
  • Auto-Liquidity: Fees are added to the liquidity pool of the BNB/Luzion Protocol pair on PancakeSwap including additional if above target for triggerZeus buyback&burn, providing collateral value and a floor price for the Luzion Protocol token.
  • Black Hole: 2.0% of all LZN traded is burned in the Black Hole Pit. This process increases the gravitational pull of the Black Hole, reducing the circulating supply constantly.